Szabolcsi Bence
A concise history of Hungarian music



  1. Introduction. The Specific Conditions of Hungarian Musical Development
  2. The Middle Ages. Church Music and Minstrel Music
  3. The Sixteenth Century. Historic Song and Chorals
  4. The Seventeenth Century.
  5. The Eighteenth Century. Song and Choir Literature
  6. The "Verbunkos". The National Musical Style of the Nineteenth Century
  7. Popular Song-writers. Erkel and the Romantic National Opera
  8. The Instrumental Music of the Romantic Period. Liszt and Mosonyi: the Programme of Romanticism
  9. Late Romanticism. The Transition Period. Western Reaction at the Turn of the Century
  10. New Hungarian Music

Hungarian Music since 1945 by György Kroó

Musical illustrations


A survey of Hungarian music that is liberally illustrated with musical scores and, further, supplies an insight into the world of Hungarian music. An important aid to understanding the genius and art of contemporary music, particularly that of Bela Bartok. Translated from the Hungarian by Sara Karig and Fred Macniol, and revised by Florence Knepler.