Browsing by Subject

The collection of the Hungarian Electronic Library is relatively small, thus thematic browsing might prove more useful than direct search by keywords or author. To start browsing, the first step is to click on one of the buttons indicating the five broad topics on the main page: Natural Sciences, Mathematics / Technology, Economics / Social Sciences / Culture, Arts, Literature / Reference, Miscellaneous. After that, an elaborate list of possible topics and subtopics is displayed. Here you can select the topic(s) and subtopic(s) you are interested in, and click "search". When you pick a topic, however, - for example Physics - all the subtopics under this category are selected as well. The topics and subtopics, that are currently empty (meaning that at the moment there is no holding behind them) are indicated with dimmed letters.

You can set your preferences for the search results as well: the search results can be sorted by title, author, acquisition date. In the case of literature, the "by author" option is recommended. The maximum number of displayed search results is 100 items per page. You can move over to the next page of the list by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. It is possible, that one particular document is classified by more of the given topics, nevertheless, the document is going to be included in the list only once.