Quick Search

On the main page you can search the collection by Author (or editor), Title and Subject (subtopic, keyword or document type). You can enter more than one search terms in each field, and you can use the fields simultaneously. This way you are going to get a list of the documents that are described with all of the search terms in their bibliographic data (Boolean AND operation). You are not required to use accentuated letters and capitals for searching. Truncation is possible with the "*" wildcard character. If the search yields no results, the search engine attempts a new search without accent, and if that is not successful either, the search terms are automatically truncated. All the following examples are valid search criteria:

Title: wondrous hunt  
Author: arany  Title: wondr*
Title: hunt      Subject: magyar irod  

The search is much more effective if you enter only significant terms in the search field (i.e. the family name of the author, or one or two keywords of the title), this way you are going to get more results sooner. Subject search at the moment is possible only with Hungarian keywords. If you do not know the search term in Hungarian, we recommend that you use the "Browse by Subject" option available on the left-side button-bar of the main page. You can search by the language of the documents as well by selecting an option on the drop-down menu of the "language" field. If you select "Other", you are going to get a list of all the documents written in languages not included into the list of the menu.