Controlled vocabulary

Country of submitterHungary
Name of the vocabularyLibrary of Congress Subject Headings in Hungarian
Name of the owner of the vocabularyKoltay Klára
Email of the ownerkkoltay [at]
Phone of the owner+36-(52)-410-443
Fax of the owner+36-(52)-410-443
Contributors (people and/or organizations)Debrecen University Library
Official language of the vocabularyhungarian
Second languages of vocabularyenglish,
Type of the vocabularyThesaurus,
Coverage of the vocabularyall subject areas
If the vocabulary is a simple and small list of terms
000    00229nz   2200133n  4504
001    autKLT00419841
005    20030424140745.0
008    030424nn acnnnbabn          un aaa     d
040    $aHuDeKLEK
080    $a247
150  4 $aKeresztény kegyhelyek
450  4 $aBúcsújáróhelyek, keresztény
450  4 $aSzentélyek, keresztény
450  4 $aZarándokhelyek, keresztény
550  4 $wg$aKegyhelyek
550  4 $aKeresztény zarádokok és zarándoklatok
750  0 $aChristian shrines
999    $acatie

Publishing date of this version of the vocabulary
Updating frequency continouosly developed
How many terms (lexical units) contains this vocabulary?10001 or more
Which thesaurus features are supported?Narrower term / Broader term ; Related term (or 'See also') ; Use/Used for (or 'See') ; Scope Note ; Other (special) notes use notes, date of entry
How is the controlled vocabulary available?Through the Internet
URL of the
Specific contextHigher Education, Library,
Technical or other requirements for using the vocabularyAccessible through the internet; the terms and references are stored in MARC21 format thus they can be used in any library system based on MARC format for authority controll
Intellectual property rights and conditions of useFree to use the vocabulary or incorporate it in your application
A reference to the copyright owner is required
Costs for obtaining or using the vocabularyA small fee (e.g. less than 100 euro)
Which thesaurus or other vocabulary standards are followed
Standardization bodies that are endorsing this vocabulary
Metadata set and elementsMARC elements: Machine-Readable Cathalogue