Controlled vocabulary

Country of submitterUnited_Kingdom
Name of the vocabularyARENA Periods
Name of the owner of the vocabularyJonathan Kenny
Email of the ownerjk18 [at]
Phone of the owner+44 1904 433956
Fax of the owner+44 1904 433939
Contributors (people and/or organizations)Controlled vocabulary for periods began with UK basic periods from MIDAS and then added one more period to accomodate Romania.
Official language of the vocabularyenglish
Second languages of vocabularyother: Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Polish, Romanian
Type of the vocabularySimple vocabulary or value list,
Coverage of the vocabularyCultural Heritage
If the vocabulary is a simple and small list of terms
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Early Medieval
Post Medieval
Publishing date of this version of the vocabularyUnpublished
Updating frequency Not Updated
How many terms (lexical units) contains this vocabulary?Between 11 and 100
Which thesaurus features are supported?
How is the controlled vocabulary available?Paper copy version,
URL of the vocabulary
Specific contextHigher Education, Archive, other, Public Access
Technical or other requirements for using the vocabulary
Intellectual property rights and conditions of useFree to use the vocabulary or incorporate it in your application
Costs for obtaining or using the vocabularyMinimal (free downloadable or only distribution costs)
Which thesaurus or other vocabulary standards are followed
Standardization bodies that are endorsing this vocabulary
Metadata set and elements