Controlled vocabulary

Name of the vocabularyMuseum Images Artist Names
Name of the owner of the vocabularyEleonore Corlieu
Email of the ownerecorlieu [at]
Phone of the owner33147217825
Fax of the owner33147290060
Contributors (people and/or organizations)
Official language of the vocabularyfrench
Second languages of vocabularyenglish,
Type of the vocabularySimple vocabulary or value list,
Coverage of the vocabularyArtist names
If the vocabulary is a simple and small list of terms

Publishing date of this version of the vocabulary
Updating frequency Continuously
How many terms (lexical units) contains this vocabulary?Between 501 and 1000
Which thesaurus features are supported?
How is the controlled vocabulary available?Local Network,
URL of the vocabulary
Specific contextother, Publishing houses
Technical or other requirements for using the vocabulary
Intellectual property rights and conditions of useA reference to the copyright owner is required
Costs for obtaining or using the vocabularyCommercially-priced
Which thesaurus or other vocabulary standards are followedISO 2788
Standardization bodies that are endorsing this vocabulary
Metadata set and elements