Controlled vocabulary

Country of submitterIsrael
Name of the vocabulary The Ben-Gurion Research Institute Controlled Vocabulary
Name of the owner of the vocabulary The Ben-Gurion Research Institute - Adar, Lily
Email of the
Phone of the owner972 8 659 6944
Fax of the owner972 8 659 6939
Contributors (people and/or organizations)
Official language of the vocabularyHebrew, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German Yiddish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Danish, Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Hungarian
Second languages of vocabularyHebrew
Type of the vocabularySimple vocabulary or value list
Coverage of the vocabularyDavid Ben-Gurion, State of Israel, Diaspora, Holocaust, Israeli wars, Israeli society, Zionism
If the vocabulary is a simple and small list of terms
Publishing date of this version of the vocabulary2000
Updating frequencydaily
How many terms (lexical units) contains this vocabulary?1001-5000
Which thesaurus features are supported?Narrower term / Broader term ; Related term (or 'See also') ; Use/Used for (or 'See') ; Use AND ; Scope Note ; Other (special) notes use notes, date of entry
How is the controlled vocabulary available?paper copy, Local network, Internet (,  published online.
URL of the vocabulary
Specific contextschool,higher education,training,library,archive,museum
Technical or other requirements for using the vocabularynot bi-directional, no bilingual parallel cells,  no browseable lexicon access, supports image/ multimedia
Intellectual property rights and conditions of usefree to use
Costs for obtaining or using the vocabulary
Which thesaurus or other vocabulary standards are followed
Standardization bodies that are endorsing this vocabulary
Metadata set and elements